Recommendations regarding the payment of April pensions


The Municipality of Delchevo informs the pensioners that in accordance with the announcement from the NBRSM, all banks are ready to realize the early payment of April pensions, we appeal:

& #8211; To protect your health, avoid using cash. Retirees who have a debit card from tomorrow through ATMs and in the retail network will have their April pension, to try whenever possible to make payments without cash – using the card. Thus, they will contribute to the protection of their own health and the health of others.

& #8211; During the visit to the branches and branches during the next week, the pensioners who do not yet have a debit card, to submit the request for making a card related to their account. That way, their funds will be available to them at all times, without having to visit bank branches and branches to withdraw cash.

& #8211; In the period from 8 am to 12 pm, when people over the age of 67 are allowed to move, citizens who are in other age groups, especially next week from Monday to Thursday, should refrain from visiting the branches and branches of the banks. In this term to give priority and preference to older citizens who need banking services.

& #8211; During a visit to a branch / branch office to realize all banking services for which the client considers that in this period a physical presence in the banks is required.

 & #8211; As already mentioned, it is mandatory to wear personal protective equipment for the nose and mouth which can be: respiratory mask, disposable surgical mask, textile mask for multiple use, cotton scarf or shawl, bandana and the like.

 & #8211; Observe the guidelines for proper distance from other persons, in front of and in the facilities of the banks.

We remind you that according to the already published schedule, the payment of April pensions for pensioners who do not have debit cards will be implemented in groups:

& #8211; Monday, April 27, – pensions up to 11,000 denars;

& #8211; Tuesday, April 28 – pensions in the amount of 11,001 denars to 14,000 denars;

 & #8211; Wednesday, April 29 – pensions in the amount of 14,001 denars to 18,000 denars;

 & #8211; Thursday, April 30 – pensions in the amount of over 18,000 denars.

 We call for adherence to the schedule, which will allow the number of people in the branches and branches of banks to be significantly reduced, in favor of health.

The NBRM informs that cwill be in the coming daysatm in intensive communication with the banks, jointly striving for all activities related to the payment of April pensions to be realized in a way that is most appropriate to protect public health. Sisthe temporal approach that will be applied to the payment of April pensions will give the expected results.

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