Temporary traffic regime on part of "Marshal Tito" street in Delchevo

The contractor AD ILINDEN Struga on 12.05.2020 will start applying a temporary change of traffic regime within the reconstruction of part of the street "Marshal Tito" in Delchevo. The works will be performed in accordance with the approved traffic regime in several phases, starting from the road from the settlement Strelishte to Delchevo by closing one traffic lane and diverting it by alternately passing vehicles on the other traffic lane.

In order to establish the temporary traffic regime, traffic signs and equipment will be installed, which will guide the traffic in order to enable safe and uninterrupted traffic for all participants.

The citizens are appealed to respect the set signalization, traffic rules and regulations, to move with reduced speed and increased caution.

The temporary traffic regime will be valid until the completion of the reconstruction of part of the street "Marshal Tito" in Delchevo.

We would like to inform you that:

–          Residents will have unimpeded access to the downtown area through the existing streets while respecting the temporary traffic regime.

–          Traders will be able to supply goods every day through the existing streets, respecting the temporary traffic regime.

–          Students / children / parents and school / kindergarten staff will be able to access the existing streets in compliance with the temporary traffic regime.

–          Performance information will be regularly updated during the performance period.

Accordingly, we ask for understanding and appropriate adjustment of the needs for fast and timely implementation of construction works.  

For additional information / questions, contact Zvonko Atanasov, phone number 075 / 367-901 from the Municipality of Delchevo. 

All your remarks can be submitted in writing in the mailbox for praise and complaints placed in the administrative building of the Municipality of Delchevo. If you expect an answer, it is necessary to state the address, and the remarks can be submitted in an anonymous form.

The realization of the project is pby the project unit in the Ministry of Finance and the project MSIP for improvement of the municipal services financed through the World Bank, for which the Municipality of Delchevo received funds for the realization of the project “Improvement of the public municipal services in the Municipality of Delchevo (reconstruction of the street "Marshal Tito" and "Vera Jocic" and construction of street number 7 settlement SRC Delchevo). The aim of this project is to improve the quality of life of the local population.

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