Deratization notice


The Municipality of Delchevo informs the citizens that on 04.06.2020 (Thursday), starting at 08.00 general deratization of the sewerage network on the territory of the Municipality and the city landfill.

This measure is envisaged in the Annual Program of the Municipality of Delchevo for protection of the population from infectious and other diseases, and will be implemented by expert teams from PHI Center for Public Health - Kocani - PE Delchevo, PCE "Bregalnica", as well as employees of the Inspection Department supervision by the Municipality.

A total of 180 manholes in the city and villages will be treated according to a pre-prepared plan, for which it is planned to use 30 kg of appropriate preparation. The city landfill will be treated with 10 kilograms of preparation against mice and other rodents.