REPORT on aerial spraying against mosquitoes

Municipality Delchevo informs the public that on the day 02.07.2020 year (Thursday) in the period from 05, 00 to 08.00 will are conduct aerial treatment against adult mosquitoes.

The spraying will be done with – broadband insecticide - ecological preparation CICERON 2.ULVapproved by the Bureau of Medicines, and will be performed by a licensed airline company BONIER DOOEL Kumanovo, selected after a previously conducted tender procedure.

The treatment will be performed on an area of 300 ha, as follows:

– 200 ha (left and right 100 meters from the riverbed of Bregalnica, downtown area to Lake Sandanski

– 2x50 ha ,, Staro Delchevo, Taushansko Maalo, Strelishte and Novo Delchevo, Milkovo Brdo, Basarica and us. Spring.

Beekeepers are notified at the time of treatment, as and in the period from 3 to 4 hours after spraying, to close the beehives, due to the possibility of the influence of the means by which the treatment is performed on the safety of the bee families.

In case of precipitation, spraying will be postponed for the next day.