The Municipality of Delchevo introduced payment through a post terminal

The Municipality of Delchevo introduced payment through POST TERMINAL with the sole purpose of improving the quality of services to citizens and fast and efficient municipal administration.

Mayor Trajkovski stressed that in an open and democratic society, the administration should serve only the citizens. Therefore, the established practice and the traditional way of administering the complex activities related to the management of issues of interest to the community should be transformed into a new, modern and organized way. A way that will establish natural relations of mutual respect between citizens and employees in the municipal administration .

If until now the citizen had to come to the municipality to ask how much he / she should pay in order to be able to submit the request, then to go to the bank to pay the amount with a bank commission and to return to the municipality to bring the payment slip to be submitted the request to the Municipality, now that step is gone.

With the introduction of payment for citizens' services through POST TERMINAL, the Municipality of Delchevo joins the large European family of municipalities that are open and accessible to citizens in order to improve the quality of life.

Citizens can use the services of the Municipal Service Center every working day from 07.30 to 15.30.