Announcement: Respect the temporary traffic regime on the streets under construction

Dear citizens,

We would like to inform you that in the following period the construction works on the streets "Marshal Tito", "Vera Jocic" and street 7 in SRC will continue. The reconstruction and construction of the mentioned streets is performed by the company "ILINDEN" AD Struga, and the investor is the Municipality of Delchevo, in order to improve the quality of life of the local population.

Residents will have unimpeded access to their homes through the street "Vera Jocic" for the duration of the construction works, and within the established temporary traffic regime.

Residents moving across the street "Marshal Tito" towards the settlement Strelishte, should adhere to the established temporary traffic regime, and can also use the alternative crossing through the place called Stara Pekara.

When moving the cut sections, unnecessary restraint and movement is prohibited, especially for pedestrians for their safety.

We would also like to inform you that the sidewalks on 7th Street in SRC are being built, and during these activities, the residents will have unimpeded access to their homes.

We ask for your understanding and appropriate adjustment for the needs of fast and timely implementation of construction works and at the same time we urge you to respect the set signalization, traffic rules and regulations, to move with reduced speed and increased caution.

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