Notification to the citizens

The residents of Taushansko maalo, Golem Rid, as well as all citizens are informed that in accordance with the dynamics and the notification received from the contractor ILINDEN AD Struga for asphalting part of the street "Marshal Tito" that on Tuesday, 17.11.2020, will be start with the installation of asphalt where the traffic will be interrupted from 09:00 in the morning until 15:00 in the afternoon for light vehicles, ie until 23:00 for trucks.

The traffic interruption refers to the part of the street "Marshal Tito" from the intersection with the street "Ivo Lola Ribar" to the intersection with the street "Ivan Milutinovic".

At the same time, drivers will be able to use the alternative road through the location Stara Pekara, and when crossing the section from Stara Pekara to the bridge in front of Taushansko Maalo to access this part of the city, only the local road L-1 Delchevo will be used. – Workshop.