Delchevo marked the Day of the Uprising

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With an appropriate ceremony, the Municipality of Delchevo marked 79 years since the beginning of the anti-fascist Uprising, October 11. On that occasion, a delegation of the Municipality of Delchevo led by Mayor Goran Trajkovski, representatives of the Municipal Council of Delchevo and President Dragan Manevski, as well as representatives of institutions, political parties, citizens' associations and individuals, bowed and laid fresh flowers at the monument of fallen fighters in the city center.

As part of the commemoration, the members of KUD "Goce Delchev" through a report reminded of the events that preceded the Uprising, the way the first armed attack was carried out in Prilep and Kumanovo, but also referred to the importance of the Uprising as an important moment in the struggle for independence of the Macedonian people.

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